Atlantic'S Alarm is a brand of alarm systems based in France

Atlantic'S is an alarm manufacturing brand based in France. It markets today, several varieties of alarm whose quality and effectiveness are no longer to be proven. In this article, we have given you an overview of the different productions of this brand. Read on to find out.

Atlantic'S alarm: what you need to know

Created in 2012, Atlantic'S is a French alarm brand that is very well known for the quality of its products. Its concept is based on a trilogy dimension: "to detect intrusions with efficiency, to trigger a siren and to alert the owners by phone". The brand has several models of wireless and wired alarms that are CE approved. It has more than thirty compatible peripherals such as remote controls, indoor and outdoor detectors, sirens, etc.
It should also be noted that since 2003, Atlantic'S been ISO 9001 certified as a specialist in home alarms.

What are the characteristics of the Atlantic'S alarm control units

There are three (3) main categories of Atlantic'S alarm control panels. These are the Atlantic'S ST-III alarm central, which alerts to intrusions by a telephone transmission system. This system is facilitated by a fixed line called ADSL box. There is also the Atlantic'S ST-V alarm centre, which has a telephone system that can alert four people at once. Finally, there is the Atlantic'S Ates alarm control unit which has a transmission function identical to that of the ST-V.

Where can you find Atlantic'S wireless alarms?

There are trade partners who facilitate the sale of Atlantic'S wireless alarms in various ways. Either via digital channels or in a shop. As far as marketing via digital channels are concerned, you can buy your alarm on Amazon or C-discount. In the shops, you can also buy your alarm at CFP Sécurité, Darty, Fnac or Boulanger.